Ad Strength is a new feature of Google Ads helping advertisers create effective ads by providing immediate feedback during the ad creation process.

Google Ads has introduced a new feature called Ad Strength that helps you to create more effective ads.

Although creating ads with the right number of characters is fairly easy, there’s no way to tell if the ad has the right amount of information. It is also difficult to know if the ad is going to perform well without running the ad and waiting for the data.

Google Ad’s latest feature, Ad Strength uses Google’s machine learning to suggest the strength and effectiveness of the ads you’re creating.


The feature is available in the column just beside your ad creation page when you are trying to compose your ads.

Already rolling out for the responsive search ads, Ad Strength is expected to be available for responsive display ads in the upcoming months.

Google’s ad products such as responsive search ads, responsive display ads, and universal app campaigns are all helping advertisers create effective ads at scale.

Let’s look at how you can make use of the Ad Strength feature to make your responsive search ads more effective.

Getting Started with Ad Strength

You will see the Ad Strength feature as a column and in your responsive search ad creation interface as you start drafting your ads.


You don’t have to activate the feature and if it’s available to you, you should see it during your ads creation process.

Ad strength for responsive search ads are already rolling out and the support for responsive display ads will be coming soon in the next few months.

Ad Strength Insights

When you start creating a responsive search ad, you should see a new Ad Strength column.

The ad strength ranges from “Poor” on the least effective side to “Excellent” on the most effective side. The metric mainly translates to three main measures;

  • Relevance of the ads
  • Quantity
  • Diversity of your ad copy

The ad strength feature also provides you with actionable feedback in real-time as you compose your ads. You can use the feedback to strengthen your ads and move the ad strength slider more on to the “Excellent” end.

Improving Ad Strength to Create Effective Ads

So, what can you do with your ads to improve their ad strength?

You should mainly focus on the same three measures the metric is based on – relevance, quantity, and the diversity of your ad copy.

This means you should provide several distinct headlines, descriptions and other elements in your ad copy.

For Responsive Search Ads

You should provide as many headlines and descriptions as you can but make sure they are relevant and make sense to your business.

Google recommends creating at least five unique headlines while getting started. You can also check the Responsive Search Ads guidelines to help create better headlines.

For Responsive Display Ads

Google recommends that you provide fifteen images and five logos along with unique headlines, and descriptions per ad for excellent ad strength.

Ad Strength makes several suggestions as you start writing your ads and you can click on the suggestions to view more ideas related to the topic.

Such ideas can be really useful to understand the factors Ad Strength is taking in consideration and refining them further to improve the effectiveness of your ad.

Updated Support for Responsive Display Ads

When the Ad strength feature was initially announced, it was only available for responsive search ads. As of early 2019, Ad strength is now available for responsive display ads.

You can use the ad strength scorecard as an indicator to ensure your responsive display ads will perform well.

The ad strength tool can help you craft relevant and helpful display ads by checking multiple aspects of your Ad.

Having an optimal number of unique headlines, images, and descriptions, which the ad strength tool mostly focuses on, can ensure a strong creative predicted to perform well.

You can get help using the “Next steps” highlighted in the scorecard of the ad strength tool while creating your display ads.


Ad Strength – effective feedback feature?

Ad Strength can be an effective feedback feature to help you create more relevant and high-performing ads.

The feature focuses on a broader area of creating more effective ads and using Google’s machine learning capabilities to aid your ads creation process.

Responsive search ads and display ads are new additions to Google ads that make it really easy to create relevant and engaging ads at scale. New features such as Ad strength make them even more powerful helping businesses and advertisers to create ads with the right amount of information.

Have you got access to the Ad Strength feature yet? How relevant do you find the suggestions and does it actually help you with your workflow for creating effective ads? Let us know in the comments below.

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