If you are a Google Partner agency, make sure you and your team sign up for the Elevenses, bite-sized live stream series from Google Partners’ Team.

The live stream series include short fifteen minutes episodes from Google experts that dive into market insights, product best practices and seasonal trends.

Exclusive to Google Partners, Elevenses has been ongoing since 2016 and is packed with useful insights for agencies. The series delivers fortnightly live streams which can be useful quick watch along with your agency team members.

The Google Partners team bring in agency heads and other experts to discuss relevant seasonal trends in the market along with other product features and best practices.

Why Elevenses?

Elevenses is designed to cover three main aspects – to help agencies keep updated, helping them get ahead, and keep learning.


Keeping Partners Updated: The latest AdWords products and feature updates as covered in the stream will keep the partners updated.

Helping Partners Get Ahead: The topics covered in the live streams provides partners with data and insights required to keep moving ahead in the direction of opportunities.

Help Partners to Keep Learning: The discussion of the latest features and updates especially related to that of Google Ads help partners to keep learning and providing solutions that clients need.

We will try to blog about our new learnings (if any) from the future Google Elevenses episodes here at the digit agency.

Here’re some of the useful videos from past Google Elevenses posted for the reference of our digital agency team. You can watch these videos to know more about the series and what to expect in the upcoming ones.

Elevenses Episode 59 – 4 A’s Series: How to succeed with Google in 2018

Elevenses Episode 65 – How to get the most out of Smart Bidding

Remember to subscribe to the Elevenses using your Google Partner email address and you will receive the reminders before the live streams.

Featured Image via Google Partners Elevenses Website

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